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[13 Apr 2005|10:55am]
STIR FRY STIR FRY. We're making stir fry in fun with foods next period, and i'm soo excited. Our groups is definatly going to be the best. consisting of baby corn, carrots, brocoli, shrimp, and chicken. yum yum.
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[13 Apr 2005|09:47am]
[ mood | bored ]

hey livejournal, where have you been all my life. i think i should stary updating this more. what do you think?

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[08 Feb 2005|12:02pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i've moved to
if you love me, add me there

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[28 Dec 2004|10:22am]
[ mood | amused ]

$100.00 is a nice gift

a nice gift indeed.

how come people NEVER comment

paulx is the only nice one =D

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[26 Dec 2004|02:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

my mp3 player beats yours! Its ron and i's baby Riaa (yes i named it that, because i think that name is gorgeous!)

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[26 Dec 2004|10:27am]
[ mood | happy ]

what i got for christmas (is what i wanted...)



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[24 Dec 2004|11:11pm]
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[24 Dec 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yesterday i was going a bit crazy, today is a lot better. i'm calm, happy, and ready for christmas.

this, is special, and its for you...

Merry christmas everyone!

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[23 Dec 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | worried ]

i just don't understand how people can be so ignorant, selfish, and stupid all at the same time.


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[23 Dec 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | worried ]

when one persons stupid mistake hits rock bottom, it now effects a lot of people. Stupid people make stupid decisions. I'm not saying i've never made a stupid decision, but i've surely not made one that effects more then ten people at once. oh geez this is really, really, not good.

chickity china

[22 Dec 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | angry ]

so tell me, have any of you just went through a time period when you just hate people?

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[21 Dec 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

¤pictures¤Collapse )

on another note, i did horrible again bowling. Beats me why the coaches decide to change my form one day then put me in the first game today, what the heck. Gr i bowled a effing 100 today, thats HORRIBLE thats what they get for putting me in first game.

tommorrow i hope i see ron, but we probably won't because i think he has to work. i miss him already, whenever i am not with him, i miss him. i just want to hear his voice, touch his hand, kiss his lips. hm. soon though, i will see him soon, and we will exchange christmas gifts! which will be fun. mucho!

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[20 Dec 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

bowling sucked today. i don't even want to tell anyone what happened but will i be starting tommorrow... no. but i saw ron, we cuddled and saw "christmas with the cranks" i don't know why everyone hates that movie, i thought it was funny.

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[20 Dec 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | silly ]

yes! now that i have a cute pretty new layout, i will actually update this sucker. so lesse, today i have bowling, then ron time. i will update with pictures of something afterwards. but hey guess what! My hair is now a nice lovely shade of auburn brown, and i like it very much =D

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[05 Dec 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | in love ]

i love him
so much
words cannot explain.

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[18 Nov 2004|06:41am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Yes! this time when i got my blood drawn, they gave me a cool bandaid!!

chickity china

[15 Nov 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey, who made the bowling team?


chickity china

[10 Nov 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

wow, bowling went so unbelievably good today. Although my scores still were'nt that well ( 117,113,101 ) I asked questions and learned how to do a 'hook' which really helps my game. But there were two bad parts to this, #1 i have huge blisters on my thumb and my fingers are swollen, #2 i have to wear this wristband that makes sure i don't bend my arm. But hey, if it helps me, i'll get used to it. So i bowled again with Tony,Cory, and Kyle, it was great, i beat Kyles' scores today which was pretty sweet knowing that he beat me yesterday. And this time was my first time useing a twelve pound ball (which belongs to Andrea, whom I thank for letting me use it ) which was so different, but by the end of try-outs i got used to bowling with it, and i like it. So yeah today was fun, try-outs again tommorrow ( THE FINAL CUT! ) gosh i hope i make it

chickity china

[10 Nov 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | dorky ]

bowling try-outs day 2! wish me luck, ya'll.

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[09 Nov 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | bored ]

wow, i really really am bored. wht is school so boring? i just don't understand, school + me = don't get a long so i have plans for this weekend finally, i am going to a wedding reception with ronaldjoseph, on friday. then on saturday morning i am going bowling with steven and Kerstin, then to a byrdavenue show later on that night, then on sunday well i don't know . Wish me luck i have bowling tryouts after school today. yeah thats right bowling is not for losers! it is for people like me!

2 are just chickity china

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