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wow, bowling went so unbelievably good today. Although my scores still were'nt that well ( 117,113,101 ) I asked questions and learned how to do a 'hook' which really helps my game. But there were two bad parts to this, #1 i have huge blisters on my thumb and my fingers are swollen, #2 i have to wear this wristband that makes sure i don't bend my arm. But hey, if it helps me, i'll get used to it. So i bowled again with Tony,Cory, and Kyle, it was great, i beat Kyles' scores today which was pretty sweet knowing that he beat me yesterday. And this time was my first time useing a twelve pound ball (which belongs to Andrea, whom I thank for letting me use it ) which was so different, but by the end of try-outs i got used to bowling with it, and i like it. So yeah today was fun, try-outs again tommorrow ( THE FINAL CUT! ) gosh i hope i make it
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